Improve Customer Retention

Getting new subscribers or users to adapt and start using your SaaS product is a challenging procedure. It takes time and effort, We at SearchArrive has an years of experience in improving users adoptions and retention. We use the C.A.R.E Model as a strategies to ensure an improvement in user onboarding and product adoption

Improving website traffic is the first step…

Improve Onboarding Experiences

We do cohort funnel analysis to determine fractions between successful and unsuccessful users and create specific campaigns include PPC remarketing, automated email, targeted social media one-on-one messages, implement a product adoption tool to ensure promoting seamless onboarding.

Enabling End-of-Trial Sequences Mailers

The goal of free trial emails is to convert free trial users into paid customers. It’s difficult to do that in a single email. We have team of expert who can help in auding your existing email and crafting strategies and writing effective free trial emails sequence template that’ll help you convert trial-users to paid customers.

Leverage Data-driven Experimentation

Rather than relying on guesswork, we do A/B test the understand in and out of user intrectios over your webpage and SaaS product – all the time – before making a marketing decisions. We setup, run and analysed A/B tests across your prospects and users’ lifecycle to optimize metrics that matter: from free trial to purchase, and upsell.


Improving Online Reviews for Your SaaS

As for the SaaS business, positive reviews act as a form of advocacy and improve product adoption rate. Therefore, getting quality online reviews are very important. We work help business designing strategies and implementing best practices to increase positive review including choosing and listing on popular and relevant reviews platform, profile building, customer review email template, email automation and building personalized surveys.

Improve Your Website User Experience

We help SaaS business improving their website user experience by auditing the current structure of page, ease of navigation, color and typography and simplifying information to audience. Our goal is to make sure to engage users at a higher level and outperform your competition.

Need a custom plan?

We’ll learn about your business goals and will pair on how we can help you get there!.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is Customer Retention for SaaS?

Customer retention refers to a SaaS company’s abilities and actions to make their customers giving repeated business companies and preventing them from shifting to a competitor.

Why Does Retention Matter for a SaaS Businesses?

Acquiring a customer is only a first step however retaining them is the key to long-term profitability for a SaaS business. Higher churn may impact on your ARR and active customers base.

How to Calculate Customer Retention for SaaS?

How We Can Help in Improving Your Customer Retention Rate?

Improving a customer retention is not a quick fixing. It requires a deep knowledge customer onboarding to delighting experience and creating more Aha moments. Been working with this business we know how to do strategies entire process phase out wise to ensure your customer retention rate improve.