Improve Product Adoption

Getting new subscribers or users to adapt and start using your SaaS product is a challenging procedure. It takes time and effort, We at SearchArrive has an years of experience in improving users adoptions and retention. We use the C.A.R.E Model as a strategies to ensure an improvement in user onboarding and product adoption

Improving website traffic is the first step…

Tailoring Onboarding Experiences

We have a discovery stage to understand users journey, interactions, Aha moment and fractions as large and then create a multi prolonged strategies includes sharing enough information, activation process, tooltips, features used, emails, and in-app walkthroughs, videos, help centre to improve product adoption journey.

Enabling Multiple Product Demo

We work with your product team to create different lengths of video: 2 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins, and live 1-on-1 sessionst to ensure when users logins they see how to it works. The product demo is an important component in a B2B SaaS sales process. A personalized product demo is an investment that will reward you by making a prospect a customer.

Creating Informative & Compelling Content

We have team of content experts who may align with your product team to create contextual content incluides product use case articles,  help in defining and implemented high valued driven multi-channel paid marketing campaigns include channel selection, custom target, campaign setting, optimization and tracking regularly. We primarily focused on the stages of the funnel to target specific ad campaign accordingly.


Improving Online Reviews for Your SaaS

As for the SaaS business, positive reviews act as a form of advocacy and improve product adoption rate. Therefore, getting quality online reviews are very important. We work help business designing strategies and implementing best practices to increase positive review including choosing and listing on popular and relevant reviews platform, profile building, customer review email template, email automation and building personalized surveys.

Improve Your Website User Experience

We help SaaS business improving their website user experience by auditing the current structure of page, ease of navigation, color and typography and simplifying information to audience. Our goal is to make sure to engage users at a higher level and outperform your competition.


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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is Product Adoption?

Product adoption or user adoption is the process by which users get to know a product and uses, realize its value proposition, and start using it. A SaaS user will typically go through stages of product adoption include awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, and adoption.

What Are the Best Metrics to Track Product Adoption for SaaS?

One of the key metrics for product adoption metric for SaaS is to track active users whcih further may be getting down into knowing monthly active users (MAU), weekly active users (WAU), or daily active users (DAU). Measuring active users who use your product on a regular basis help you to plan a product roadmap, enhancements, pricing stratgies over the time.

How to Increase the Rate of Product Adoption?

Driving product adoption for a SaaS is all about reducing fraction from onboarding to action and deliver better experience using product. We help businesses creating seamless process for onboarding to adoption, identify fraction, put together product adoption strategies and implementation at each stage for creating Aha moments to them.

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