Lead Magnets

Get a strong pull created in market for your B2B product and services. This service includes a user’s search intend based approach offering them significant value what they want to know in form of downloadable or readable marketing assets results you convert your website visitors into leads.

A lead magnet is tool that is triggered value to prospect who intend to search specific information  and receives it in exchange for their contact information.

Services Inlcude

If you want sales leads, get started with a lead generation magnets

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    Whitepaper Creation

    We can manage every aspect and mathodology of white paper development, including the initial research, writing, design, and promotion.

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    Landing Page Creation

    We’ll run an audit across your main landing page pages to gather more insight about yourt conversion flow and redesign accordingly.

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    Use Cases Creation

    We can create a highly effective use cases that connect your audiences to your product as per their industry or functional requirements.

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    Infographics Creation

    We can create visual inforgraphics that simplify complex data into easy to digest how your brand offers the solutions.

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    Cheat sheet Creation

    Since, We also have worked in product marketing sole and ABM marketing, can create a cheet sheet or QRCs, etc for internal and external usage.

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    Blog Article Creation

    We’ll create SEO compliant blog articles as part of your top-of-funnel assets intended to capture web traffic, define your brand reputation. 

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    Email Campaigns

    With decades of experience, I can create emailer copies and contents for your drip campaigns that actually drive inquiries and leads funnel.

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    Social Media Post

    We can oversee your social media marketing post creation, focus would be to humanis content and direct their target audience to your website.

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    We can do research, topic selection for wider reach, preparing agenda with your SMEs and plan for promoting acorss online  marketing channels.

Track your project progress anytime, anywhere

Sit back and relax, we'll take care of everything needed for a successful conversions.

Access to your project portal

Dedicated access to your project status portal to track your project, timeline,communication and many more.

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    Track Project

    Check status of your project, milestone and all communication records.

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    Message or do real time chat to share ideas or project status.

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    Manage Payment and Milestone

    Get an access to see all your projects assigned to me and payment etc.